Commercial systems – Ashdod

Commercial systems – Ashdod

In 2011 Inbar Solar Energy won the Ashdod’s municipal tender for the construction of solar energy systems in the city. This green energy system was built on top of the Achdut School in Ashdod. Installation was carried out on top of a concrete roof. In accordance with the municipality’s requirement the panels were installed on an aluminum construction without direct connection to the roof so as not to damage the roof’s sealing. The construction is stabilized using concrete weights to withstand the high wind loads as a result of its proximity to the sea. The concrete weights are separate from the roof using a bituminous sheet to prevent friction and roof wear. This solar energy system has an output of 50 KilloWatts and was installed with Canadian Solar panels and Kaco inverters. The system was connected to the power grid in December 2011 and has begun producing solar energy.

Site: Ashdod
System size: 50 KilloWatts
Panel type: Canadian Solar
Inverter type: Kaco
Structure’s function: School

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