Company Values

Inbar Solar Energy operates in a growing and turbulent sector, where the urgent need for a sustainable solution to humanity’s ecological damages rises, and solar has become an accelerating trend and a dependable source of energy.

At Inbar, We aim to be pioneers and lead the way to a better, sustainable future. Everything we do is defined by our enduring values, which provide a source of inspiration for us, our clients and our business partners in Israel and around the world.

inbar-solar_logo_16x16  Excellence
Inbar constantly strives to gain valuable knowledge, increase professionalism and achieve excellence in all areas of our business. We relentlessly pursue to deliver innovative and inventive products and services to our clients.

inbar-solar_logo_16x16  Leadership
Inbar encourages creativity, initiative and exploration as part of the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and service process. We will operate to advance our clients’ growth and expand their opportunities through assimilation of path-breaking technologies, in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

inbar-solar_logo_16x16  Customer Focus
Inbar will provide in-depth understanding of current customers’ needs, anticipate future requirements and deliver a superior customer experience, through attentive, swift and professional service. Our customers’ satisfaction is our reward.

inbar-solar_logo_16x16  Reliability
Inbar’s relationship with its business partners will be based on honesty, transparency and integrity. We will operate at all times in a professional and ethical manner and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to commercial confidentiality.

inbar-solar_logo_16x16  Environmental Consciousness
We believe our collective future lies with renewable energy. Therefore, Inbar will invest significant resources in developing new green manufacturing capabilities in Israel and work toward minimizing waste in our day-to-day operations, recycling and utilizing sustainable materials in our work.

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