Medium Size PV Plants

Engineering, Procurement & Construction under One Roof.

Inbar Solar Energy offers innovative, efficient and reliable solar PV systems through a comprehensive portfolio of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, and provides security to investors seeking high standard bankable EPC partners.

With Inbar Solar Energy, you will obtain a binding agreement, including all necessary engineering capabilities, construction skills and procurement advantages for attaining cost-effective solar photovoltaic systems with proven track record of executing viable projects within the agreed time frame and budget.

As a leader in the field, Inbar Solar Energy adheres to highest demanding criteria and produces prime solar systems, by selecting and utilizing top quality and innovative components and complying with top Israeli and European standards.

Inbar Solar Energy – Outshining Any Other EPC Agreement

  • Inbar Solar Energy ensures a bankable EPC agreement, including bank guarantees, warranties, securities and payment terms required in the project’s various stages.
  • Inbar Solar Energy implements a strict QA array at every step of the grid integration: Off Grid and On Grid, in order to guarantee the photovoltaic system performance.
  • Inbar Solar Energy delivers quick and effective photovoltaic systems installation. Our experienced team of experts utilizes their in-depth knowledge to incorporate solar technology into the industrial or agricultural environment, with minimum impact on customer operations.
  • Inbar Solar Energy develops techno-economical analytical tools needed to predict the photovoltaic system production and maximize the output from a Solar Project, in order to achieve the greatest possible return on investment.
  • Inbar Solar Energy provides a comprehensive O&M agreement to its EPC customers. Our real time operations and maintenance ensures reliable performance, availability and operational accountability to keep your photovoltaic system performing optimally.

Inbar Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Photovoltaic system monitoring: Inbar Solar Energy has developed a unique and independent 24/7 site monitoring and control system, to track real-time data, oversee security alerts and identify system malfunctions. This proprietary operations and maintenance system is located in our Control Center and coordinates real-time data received from our fleet of photovoltaic systems.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Periodic checks
  • Professional panel washing services
  • Performing proper periodic maintenance

Corrective maintenance

  • Immediate response to system malfunctions. Quick repair by our experienced maintenance technicians.
  • Managing anomaly alerts to minimize output losses from outages
  • Coordinating warranty repairs and service checks to panels and inverters
  • Guaranteed solar system availability
  • System inventory and spare parts management
  • On-going photovoltaic systems performance reports and malfunction tracking
  • Trend Analysis based on a performance comparison of all of Inbar’s maintained systems
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