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solar generatorOff Grid Solar Power

Inbar Solar Energy, a leader in the solar systems field, develops outstanding solutions for reliable and complete power supply in locations with no access to the public grid or where electricity supply is constantly interrupted. Inbar offers installing solar systems that are independent of the electrical grid, also known as Off-Grid Power System.

These off-grid systems are capable of producing electricity from solar energy and efficiently storing it for use overnight or in climates short on sunshine.

Outsmarting the Grid

Inbar’s engineering professionals offer customers off-grid solar systems carefully designed to meet their specific needs. To get started we analyze the site’s power usage, determine the PV system power load and size needed and deliver a complete customized system engineering and design. Inbar’s off grid PV systems are designed for a fast and easy installation, within several days, and maintain excellent monitoring and functionality systems, enabling remote control and optimization.

Choose the System that Works Best for You

Off-grid solar systems typically require either a battery bank to store solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather, a backup source of energy, like a generator, or both, depending on your needs:

Inbarator – Inbar’s Solar Generator

This mobile, foldable and compact solar power system, with clip-on under-carriage, enables a quick and easy setup and is convenient for outdoor and remote locations use. Electricity generated by the solar PV panels is up to 3 kilowatts. The electrical power is manufactured using an inverter and is stored using batteries for overnight use.
The Inbarator can produce electricity for refrigerator operation, lights, microwave, TV, laptop computer etc. It is the ideal solution for a holiday retreat, long term camping, military training, construction sites or any remote location without electricity grid connection.

Solar Shed Power

A 5X6 square meter shed, incorporated in an innovative storing system and inverters, enables constant and dependable power supply of 220V. This shed’s supply can produce up to 25 Kilowatt/hour a day, the power needed for a typical average home consumption. Our bespoke solar sheds can be built to a site’s personal specifications and can have other uses such as parking sheds for 2 cars, pergolas, storage rooms, mobile offices or whatever you want them to be.

Off-grid Hybrid Systems

A solar system installed on the roof or on the ground, is a common solution for a reliable and constant source of electricity in remote locations with no access to a local utility grid or where there are electricity interruptions. The energy generated during the day is stored and can be used at night or whenever you like. The hybrid system can control and balance the available source of energy, solar or grid power. It provides almost seamless transitions between batteries backup, solar panels, generators and the utility grid supply. If the grid fails, your system will keep going.

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