Basic Operations & Maintenance Package

Basic Operations & Maintenance Package

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Monitoring and Control

Connecting your solar system to Inbar’s online advanced monitoring system guarantees a 24/7 real-time monitoring to ensure system functionality
Identifying Faults: remote troubleshooting and negative trend analysis of the operating solar system and source identification

Preventative Maintenance

  • Annual Inspection – The solar system and PV modules require routine visual, physical, electrical and thermal on-site inspection. The preventive maintenance works are carried out by our qualified technicians, who perform diagnosis of the state of the solar PV system, its components and equipment, ensure timely rectifications and provide system uptime assurance
  • Annual Meter Reading – Plausibility test of actual energy output and calibration of inverters’ meters as required
  • Documentation and Data Management – a detailed report states the findings and enables constant control of the solar system performance
  • Supplementary Preventive Maintenance – periodic inspection, inverters and transformers filter cleaning, screws adjustment and other maintenance tasks can be done at determined fixed intervals

Corrective Maintenance

  • Immediate response to system malfunctions. Quick repair by our experienced maintenance technicians.
  • Managing anomaly alerts to minimize output losses from outages
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