Analysis Comparison Table

Checkout the right column for the test type. Hover the test type and find out its purpose and execution.

  • Visual test

    Visual test of mechanical structures, electrical system, electrical equipment and connections, including quality of components

  • Grounding test

    Measurement of earth resistance and fault loop impedance using MACROTEST 5035

  • Conductor insulation test

    Measurement of conductor insulation resistance, and earth leakage current using a Megger tester

  • Thermographic test

    Thermo graphic imaging of all system components to locate electrical faults. This test identifies sources of power-loss which directly affects revenues. The test reveals faulty components and faulty electrical connections, preventing burnouts and possible fire

  • System performance analysis

    Runs a historic data analysis to check and compare the system performance against other systems. The test involves actual and theoretical analysis of system performance including faults and failures, taking into consideration geographical characteristics such as solar irradiation, shading, and other environmental data

  • Efficiency test using reference cell

    Systemic efficiency test using a refernce cell - Simultaneous holistic efficiency check of all system components. The test includes panel outputs, inverter efficiency and grid quality, relative to a reference cell. The test identifies power losses in each of the system’s components.

  • I/V Curve test for panels and strings

    Testing panels array efficiency against a reference cell which measures irradiation and temperature. If a fault is found, each panel in the array can be individually tested. .

  • Panel fault detection

    Identifying damaged panels using the thermographic camera

  • Electrical boards inspection

    Electrical boards are scanned using the thermographic camera, to identify points of failure, power losses and to prevent fires.

  • Inverter efficiency test

    Identifying inverter power losses and overheating

  • Grid quality test

    Connecting a grid analyzer to test and troubleshoot the electrical grid

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