Commercial Solar Systems

The leader in constructing Small Commercial Systems 15-50 KW.

Inbar Solar Energy is a leader in designing, installing and maintaining of small commercial solar systems in Israel, under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) programs of the Public Utility Authority (PUA).

As yet, Inbar Solar Energy has installed hundreds of small photovoltaic systems for businesses across Israel, including municipalities, industrial plants, Kibbutzim, farms, educational institutions and many other businesses.

A Flow of Income

Commercial photovoltaic systems are solar energy systems with an installed solar electricity of up to 50 KW per system. These solar systems are grid-connected and benefit from high feed-in-tariff. Small commercial systems are intended for diverse businesses with available roof space, such as industrial, agricultural, warehouses and other structures. Constructing a commercial solar system is a rewarding and worthwhile economic investment:

  • A photovoltaic system guarantees significant revenues for 20 years, with a high Return-On-Investment rate.
  • A Solar system mounted on a roof structure, generates income from your already available roof space, and generates an added value to your business facility
  • Installing a solar system demonstrates your business commitment to renewable energy and enhances your brand’s green identity

Power Your Business

Inbar Solar Energy will work with you to make your commercial solar installation an enjoyable and productive experience. Our long-term operational outlook ensures an effective solar system with maximum output.

We take you step by step – from inspection to grid connection

  • Preliminary professional engineering consultation, including initial site feasibility studies
  • Evaluating your roof space, its orientation to the sun, and any possible shadings and obstacles.
  • Submitting applications related to the construction of the solar system and handling building permits and approvals.
  • Designing and engineering a custom solar system that maximizes your return on investment.
  • Quick and effective system’s installation by our experienced team of experts with minimum impact on customer operations
  • QA tests and safety inspections to the photovoltaic system performance, off-grid and on-grid
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