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Make the Switch to a Home Solar System

If you are a homeowner and have enough available roof space that is unshaded, a home solar system can really pay off for you. Install it on your rooftop, produce and use your own affordable solar power and offset energy costs

Produce Your Own Energy – Easy, Fast and Inexpensively

Thanks to solar construction cost drops in recent years, it’s now more affordable for homeowners to switch to solar power. Not only that installing home solar systems costs less than traditional power, but there is no need for a special permit and all formal procedures with the electric utility have become faster and simpler. Inbar installs and operates a home solar system within several days and when you’re not using energy, the system it is still working for you – you can receive rebates on your electricity bills.

Best Return on Investment

Rooftop solar systems have become the most popular safe and risk-free investment for home owners. If your residential roof has, for example, free space of 40 square meters, it is well-suited for installing a system that will produce 80% of your maximum energy consumption.

When you go solar, you get more control of your monthly electricity costs. If your yearly average of electricity payment is 6000 Nis, you may receive a return on your solar system installation costs within a period of as little as 8 years and save 80% on using expensive electricity from the grid, guaranteed for at least 25 years.

Go Solar in 6 Simple Steps:

From the initial contact, we are with you at every step to ensure your home gets a custom-designed solar system that gets the most out of your roof.

  1. Consultation: we analyze your household electricity usage and costs to develop the best solution for your home, based on your energy needs.
  2. Design: after evaluating your roof and taking measurements to determine the size of the PV system needed, we will propose a custom plan that’ll best fit your home.
  3. Permitting: once you’ve approved your custom design we will apply for a net metering permit (an electricity policy for consumers who are connected to “Multi-rate Seasonal Time-of-Day” (STOD) rates billing, and have free roof space to install a solar system) and coordinate with IEC to get approval. We will let you know as soon as everything is approved so that we can schedule the installation.
  4. Installation: our team will install your solar system. A typical solar installation takes about one day.
  5. Inspection: we will schedule and coordinate all necessary inspections required and work with IEC to make sure the system complies with energy standards and is grid-connected.
  6. Activation: Once approved, you can get an activation permit from Israel’s Ministry of Energy and start generating solar power at your home.

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