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Advanced Performance Analysis of Solar Systems

Are you getting the most out of your solar system? Ready to take the first step toward energy independence and purchase a solar system?


Interested in reviewing your solar system installation and compatibility to the planned ROI?
Concerned if the system output under actual conditions meets expected output?

Inbar Solar Energy offers you Advanced Performance Analysis services for solar systems, utilizing top notch technologies and state of the art equipment.

At Your Service

We have designed our Advanced Performance Analysis services to meet the needs of companies and entrepreneurs operating in the solar energy sector, customers planning to purchase a solar system or financial entities interested in performing a solar system financial evaluation and performance verification.

The bottom Line

  • Know your system – does the solar system and its components accurately documented? We review and update the documented electrical and construction plan.
  • Know what’s best for you – optimized performance, increased effectiveness, productivity and income
  • Know your enemies – identify causes for possible malfunctions or hazards and take the essential steps to prevent them.
  • Know your standards – ensure that your solar system is 100% safe to use and meets local and international standards, where apply.

At the end of the performance analysis, Inbar’s specialists will produce a detailed report, with recommended methods to improve your photovoltaic system and maximize its performances.

The Solar System Checks

Check List
Due-diligence for new solar systems, prior to purchase or after grid integration, to ensure design and construction were performed accordingly
Effectiveness Test
Testing the actual power output produced by the solar system against the expected output
Intactness Test
Testing the operation of the solar system in order to identify possible causes for less than optimal performance

All tests are supervised by Inbar’s experienced electrical engineer, who is certified in the power systems field.

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