Your Best Partners Under The Sun

Let the Sun Shine In

In recent years, the worldwide demand for photovoltaic solar energy has grown extensively.
The increased awareness to ecological damages and environmental pollution, alongside the surge in oil prices, were key accelerators for many corporates in the agricultural, industrial and urban planning sectors to implement renewable energy solutions, by harnessing our most natural and inexhaustible fuel source: solar energy.

Going Solar – Israel’s Solar Revolution

Inbar Solar Energy was founded in 2008 to promote the use of natural, sustainable methods of energy production in Israel. The company has grown to become one of Israel’s leading installers, delivering unmatched quality in solar energy projects initiation, development, design, construction and maintenance. As yet, the company’s many projects have added up to 55 megawatts, ranging from commercial (up to 50 kilowatt) to medium scale (above 50 kilowatt) solar energy systems.

Creating a Brighter Future: Renewable Energy Solutions

Inbar Solar Energy offers a breadth of renewable energy solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art photovoltaic technologies, and provides diverse professional services to fit customer needs:

  • Designing and constructing solar energy systems – techno-economic analysis, comprehensive engineering and design, handling permit applications, financing options, procurement, construction, connecting solar systems to the electricity grid and ongoing system operation and maintenance
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M), incorporating ongoing maintenance, remote monitoring and control, periodic inspection, performance analysis, preventive maintenance and system repair, in order to keep the solar system operating at top capacity, 24/7
  • Solar systems advanced performance analysis – utilizing exclusive tools and methodologies to ensure maximum uptime and operation at peak efficiency and productivity

A Solid International Foundation – F.K. Generators

Inbar Solar Energy is a subsidiary of the F.K Generators Group.
The group has vast experience in designing, constructing and connecting large scale power stations to the electricity grid, across Israel and the world.
Inbar Solar Energy cooperates with F.K. Generators in far-reaching international energy ventures and initiates productive collaborations with leading international firms.

The Human Factor. Our Greatest Source of Energy.

Inbar Solar Energy maintains a dedicated staff of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and designers. We work with statutory consultants, structural engineers, safety consultants, accountants and legal advisers with long track records of success on commercial-scale projects, allowing us to offer support and guidance throughout the entire process and provide customers with a sole-source for turn-key solar energy solutions.

The Inbar Solar Energy professional project teams work to support common goals from day one. We have the most experienced teams in the business for quick and effective solar system construction, with minimum impact on customer operations.

Your Best Partner under the Sun

Inbar Solar Energy supports its customers through the entire process. Its proactive time and cost management, its personal commitment to deliver the most effective solar energy solution and the ultimate transparency in which it chooses to manage its business, make Inbar Solar energy your best partner under the sun. It is a partnership in which you can benefit from a more sustainable future for our planet: cleaner, greener and more economical.

Inbar Solar Energy welcomes you to join our respected list of clients, who benefit from a high performance solar energy solutions and a long term rewarding business partnership!

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Your Best Partners Under the Sun

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