What Types of Solar Energy Systems are constructed by Inbar?

Inbar Solar Energy specializes in the engineering, construction, and maintenance of solar energy systems of a capacity starting from 50 kilowatts (commercial solar system), including medium size systems (starting from 50 kilowatts and up to 5 megawatts), as well as large systems (more than 5 megawatts), on rooftops and on the ground. In addition to solar systems design and installation, Inbar offers a variety of options for maintenance and service of photovoltaic systems: monitoring only, basic operation and maintenance, and expanded operation and maintenance, which include washing the solar system.

In addition, Inbar carries out advanced performance analysis of operational solar systems which are connected to the power grid. This analysis is carried out for an investor who wishes to buy an operational solar system or for a system’s owner who wishes to know whether or not its performances coincide with those expected from the system.
Inbar does not construct residential solar systems (smaller than 15 KW).

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