Solar Systems


Inbar Solar Energy offers a breadth of solutions for constructing solar energy systems , on a variety of rooftops and on the ground.

Inbar Solar Energy maintains a dedicated staff of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and designers. We work in full cooperation with Israel’s preeminent statutory consultants, civil engineers, safety consultants, accountants and lawyers, who have long track records of success in PV projects.

Inbar Solar Energy – Creating Added Value

Inbar is committed to providing its customers with the highest standards. Inbar follows customers through from system purchase to all phases of licensing, and supplies an economic and technological assessment for maximized return on investment. The system is designed by Inbar’s market leading team of engineers, installed by professional technicians, and maintained without compromise.

Apply today to receive a site evaluation to determine if a photovoltaic system is a viable option for your business!

  • A solar energy systems with a NetMetering saving program – for consumers who are connected to Time-of-Use (ToU) rate meter, and have free roof space of more than 700 sqm to install a solar system
  • Constructing a medium size PV system – as part of a the Medium-size PV Feed-in-Tariff Program, for consumers who hold a provisional electricity production license for a photovoltaic solar system.
  • A commercial solar system – as part of the Fifth Feed-in-Tariff Program, for consumers who have free roof space of more than 700 sqm
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